Ocean Chief

Angus Collins

Despite his young age, Angus is considered one of the most experienced Atlantic rowers in the world. He has already rowed over 200 days on the oceans. Recently, he set a new world record on the San Francisco to Hawaii route. Angus accompanies me during the preparation period and trains me in the process. He completes 1:1 training sessions with me on the Swiss lakes as well as on international waters. He also provides me with important information about the weather, winds and other details during my crossing.



Christian Riedi

Christian works for "Graf tut gut" and has been looking after me as a personal trainer for more than 10 years. Already during the 18 hours rowing marathon "Vierwaldstättersee" he coached me specifically and provided me successfully with important tips. Therefore, Christian is the key point for the athletic and physiotherapeutic preparation.



Elmar Anliker

Valid performance diagnostics are just as important for the training success as individually tailored training programs. With Elmar, I have an experienced performance diagnostician at my side who determines the optimal training and performance ranges. An adjustment of the training plans and training methods is therefore possible at any time.


mental coach

Patrick Berwert

Pädi, mental coach IAP/SASP, understands his service as a contribution to the sustainable promotion of my mental strength and the improvement of my performance. However, there is much more behind Pädi's work, because ultimately he promotes other areas such as breathing techniques, regeneration, relaxation methods or the improvement of movement patterns. Because I will definitely have to deal with a variety of mental and physical challenges on my journey.



Christoph Baggenstos

I can look forward to a five-course meal every day at sea, freshly prepared of course. By now you may understand my ironic hint. As you may realize, there is no refrigerator on a rowing boat, so I have to do without fresh produce. I also have no time for fishing. Therefore, I need enough and, above all, the right food for my four-month journey. A precise diet and menu plan has to be drawn up for 120 days, especially since I kill almost 10,000 calories per 24 hours. Christoph from fitwerk.ch is responsible for nutrition coaching and diagnostics for the preparation period and the event. This makes him a key person in my team.


The Man of Water

Thomas Wallimann

"Man of" .... what? Don't worry, this is not another term from some technical jargon you need or should know. Thomas deals with the element of water day in, day out. As is well known, nothing works at all without water. Accordingly, the highest degree of attention must be assigned to it. During my trip my daily water consumption will be in excess of 10 liters. Thomas is engaged to make sure that good and drinkable water is extracted from the salty sea water, which is available in sufficient quantity at any time. With specific instructions he also prepares me so that I do not dehydrate, even though I will only be surrounded by water.



René Chavanne

René is a boat builder with heart and soul. He has been building yachts and lifeboats with great passion for many years. So why is René part of the team? Quite simple; the ingenious boat builder can successfully implement even my craziest and most challenging ideas and "pimps" my boat accordingly. Comfort is important because, after all, the journey should be as pleasant as possible, apart from the physical exertion.



Daniel Zlinszky

Daniel normally deals with racing rowing boats and is a boat builder. As fate would have it, Daniel already knows my boat in detail, as he has already implemented many optimizations with the previous owners Dominik and Florian and thus contributed his part to the successful Atlantic crossing 2019/2020 of Team Atventure. Now Daniel tries to respond as well as possible to my wishes.



Larry Appel

While I conquer the waves of the Atlantic with dolphins by my side, Larry  makes sure that all the digital waves, such as communications and electronic media, make it safely to shore. During the preparation phase, he also assists me with technical questions as a digital coach and accompanies me as a supporter.



Ronnie Hürlimann

I don't live under a rock, but I still need support in dealing with the media. With Ronnie, an absolute expert takes care of the connection to the media.


THE Texter

Simon Bosshard

Simon supports me with his lively and versatile texts. The native of Uri, who is one of my close circle of friends, has already written on numerous channels for newspapers, magazines and other platforms.



Barry Hayes

Barry is an experienced ocean rower and adventurer. Having completed two crossings himself, he knows exactly what I will be going through. He knows the highs and lows of an ocean rower. Barry will not only be a great encouragement to me while I am on the Atlantic, but he will also bring my story to life and highlight my message.

This is because he creates excellent copy with exciting content for social media, which is guaranteed not to be easily read over.