Cosmopolitan, enthusiastic, helpful and committed! This is how I am often described in four words. On April 11, 1964, I was born in the tranquil town of Altdorf (UR). Besides my Lucerne roots, "bull blood" also flows through my veins. I owe this to my mother from the canton of Uri. I currently live in the old town of Lucerne and have been working as an independent trustee and management consultant since 1992.

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Do you know the famous story of Phileas Fogg "Around the world in 80 days" from the stories of Jules Vernes? I'm not going to surround the entire globe, but I'm still going to cover an impressive distance of around 4,600 miles and spend many nights on the high seas. My heart's project will start in November 2023, and until then I'll be working hard, sweating and rowing regularly in training on Lake Lucerne and later on the Mediterranean sea.



"My home is my castle" is an old English saying. In this case, the boat is my castle for about 120 days on the sea.  Hence it is about time for you to find out more about the non-motorized watercraft.

Latest News

Stay close to the water and feel my pulse. Here you will find interesting and the most recent information about my project. This way, you can follow me closely on my big challenge.